Emma Cristy: Alternative to Victoria Secret's Miraculous Push-up bra

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alternative to Victoria Secret's Miraculous Push-up bra

 Okay, so I don't wanna put out my laundry on the internet but I really think this will help a few fellow ladies out there looking to save a bit of money.  If you're like me, paying $40, $50, $60 for a bra is kind of ridiculous.  Even $30...$20 is pushing it...  A ton of people rave about the Victoria Secret Miraculous Push-up bra, which is ~ $50 something dollas...it's a pretty amazing and definitely a cheap alternative to a boob job.  haha.  This bra is a bit "over the top", definitely would not recommend it to anyone that has been blessed with the goods already.  You will probably poke someone's eye out, just sayin'.  It also makes them look a bit fake. 

Anyways, so if you head over to Target, walk on down to the women's lingerie section.  Low and behold, there is a bra that supposedly "Adds two cup sizes".  It's name: Two Times Sexy Ultimate Push-Up.  It is basically a cheaper replica of the VS miraculous.  The colors that were available were black, nude, white, leopard, blue, (purple, red- these came laced).  I actually think it's more comfy, more realistic, and a ton cheaper than the Victoria Secret version.

Price: $17.99


  1. love this emma. when you said "walk on down to the women's..." I literally pictured you strutting down the aisle with a little bump in your step. haha. you're funny girl with the eye poking. definitely true ;)

  2. Lovin' this bra! Thinking of getting one for myself! Following you now on GFC. Hope you could visit my blog and follow me too. :)

    Pauchee C.

  3. I refuse to shop at Victoria's Secret for many reasons, but their overpriced products don't help. So thank you for this alternative! After a year of breastfeeding I need to revamp my lingerie collection. I think I'll head to Target tomorrow... :)

  4. That's cool. I think most shoppers like a good product that is not as expensive as some of the others out there. That's less than $20 and I think that puts it in the budget of a lot more shoppers. It's good that the bra comes in so many different colors as well. Those are nice shades.

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