Emma Cristy: Elf Bronzer and Concealer Reviews: This not that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elf Bronzer and Concealer Reviews: This not that.

I currently purchased a few items from E.L.F.  I usually enjoy their products but I do know that the products are often times a hit or miss.  So I will be reviewing two products; a bronzer and a concealer, and which ones I love and hate.

The first product is a bronzer from their essential line... I got this in the darkest shade which is "Matte Bronze".  I hate it, it does nothing for me and isn't pigmented at all.  I can't even swatch it because it has absolutely no color payoff.  I tried using different brushes, my fingers, but nothing works with this.  It's a waste of space in my makeup bin.  

Instead of this bronzer, try the E.L.F. studio bronzers!  I absolutely LOVE mine, I think it is my favorite E.L.F. product.  I got mine in "Cool Bronzer".  The bronzers in this palette are very opaque, very pigmented and a beautiful color.  It comes with a light brown, dark brown, blush and highlight.  I don't really use the highlight but I love mixing the blush and light bronzer to contour my cheeks.  When I want more drastic contouring, I use the darker brown.  Since the browns in this are pretty pigmented, I would recommend this product for medium to dark skin tones.  

The second product I really dislike is the Essential $2.00 "Cover Everything Concealer".  I got mine in corrective yellow.  I was really looking forward to this and originally wanted to use this product for my under eye circles, but that didn't work out.  It is way too yellow and light, cakes up and is horrible for dry skin.  It creases and makes dry patches and wrinkles stand out more.  Definitely a No-go for me.

 Instead of this concealer, try using E.L.F.'s Essential Tone correcting Concealer.  I was actually pretty surprised with this little guy, it was only $1.00 and I wasn't expecting much.  I usually put this over my foundation and use it for under eye circles.  It is very creamy, easy to blend, works well with covering under eye circles and doesn't cake or crease as much as the other concealers i've tried.  I do set it with powder after applying.  I really enjoy this concealer and would recommend it!

I hope this helped !  Thanks for reading :)
What are your favorite bronzers and concealers?


  1. Great products. Elf is not available in my area but I buy their products online :)
    I couldn't find GFC connector on your blog so I am following you through email :)
    Aree With Umbrella

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  3. I really have to try out elf products... :)

    1. You definitely should! There are some great products!
      I tried commenting on your blog but the captcha is cut off and won't let me submit?

  4. I love elf products, great review,
    you have a great blog,
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