Monday, November 11, 2013


One of the perks pregnancy brings to a woman, is the notorious "pregnancy glow".  Some women have it, some... not so much.  If you're not one of the lucky ones (this includes me), moisturizing is going to play a key role in faking the glow.  Moisturizing is essential in dealing with dry skin on your face, as well as keeping your skin hydrated and looking refreshed. 

#1)  I use:  L'OREAL's "HYDRA-RENEWAL Continuous Moisture Cream".  It is quite scented, but surprisingly works very well with my sensitive skin and has not broken me out.  Absorbs well into my skin.

One way to bring the glow into your skin, is by adding an illuminator.  You can either mix this into your foundation, or apply illuminator first and then foundation on top.  

#2)  I use: L'OREAL MAGIC LUMI Light Infusing Primer.  This product is compatible with my sensitive skin.  I enjoy it because it brightens well and is lightweight.

Many women define the "pregnancy glow" as being radiant and healthy.  Increase in blood volume can cause your cheeks to flush and more oils are produced.  For those that notice pale skin (like I do), choose a bronzer (not for contouring) that isn't completely matte to add some color and warm up your cheeks and face.  

#3)  I use: MILANI'S BAKED BRONZER in "Soleil".  This has a bit of a sparkle and sheen, not matte.  I warm up my face using the 3 shape technique, making sure I cover my temples/forehead, cheeks, and jaw line.  This adds much  needed color to my face and looks as if I've been keeping a healthy tan all year long.  

When I gain weight, it usually goes straight to my face.  I'm cursed with the moon face...  During pregnancy, your face may get rounder, cheeks stand out more, defined jaw line fading...Yes.  I'm not a fan.  Contouring and highlighting my face is my favorite part of my makeup routine.  Contouring your cheek bones help them stand out more and gives the illusion that your face is slimmer and more sculpted. 

#4)  I use: E.L.F's COOL BRONZER to contour.  This is my favorite to contour my face of all time and the best part is that it's only $3 and are all matte shades!  And not to mention, the colors are so pigmented which I love because it's so hard for me to find a bronzer that actually shows up on my darker skin.  It comes with four shades: blush, highlighter/setting powder, light brown, and a dark brown shade.  This palette is so nice because you can use the lighter brown for contouring in the early stages of pregnancy, and as your face gets rounder, you can opt for the darker matte brown for a more dramatic contour.  This is one of my favorite E.L.F. products/ products in general, I could go on about this one...

Highlighting brightens and reflects light, which can allow your favorite features to stand out more and work to your advantage.  It can also bring that glow to your skin, giving life to a pale complexion.

#5) I use: HARD CANDY Bronzer in "Tiki".  This is not a bronzer, this is a highlighter.  It's a very affordable (Compared to other highlighters) and works well with my skin.  I haven't had any breakouts from this product and I have been using it for quite awhile.  This can be used on a wide range of different skin tones.

So obviously you can't sleep on your stomach.  Pretty soon after that, you can't sleep on your back.  I don't know about you other fellow mamas out there, but i'm so tired of sleeping on my side and my hips hurt like crazy!  So sleeping on my right or my left is so uncomfortable for me now.  I very rarely get 8 hours of sleep, not to mention my little one always ends up crawling into bed in the middle of the night and sprawling out wherever she pleases...which leaves me to occupy the very, very edge of the bed.  Throw in my husband being on TDY, and you got one sleepless mama.  Concealer is a must for hiding those dark circles and bags under your eyes.  Be sure to find the right color corrector for your skin tone!

#6)  I use:  COVERGIRL & OLAY SIMPLY AGELESS EYE CORRECTOR.  This stuff is some serious business.  It is yellow based; so it is very brightening and masks my dark circles so easily.  One thing I love about this product is it's so creamy and doesn't cause any reactions to my skin.  Favorite concealer by far.

Add a highlighter to your brow bone or inner corners of your eyes and you can brighten your eyes and make it look like you are ready to take on the day.

#7)  I use: E.L.F.'s ALL OVER COLOR STICK in "PERSIMMON".  I really enjoy this product, considering it was only $1.00 and it's so versatile.  You can use it on your eyes, lips, or face.  So not only can you use this to brighten your eyes, you can throw it on your cheeks to give you a flushed and glowing look.  Put it on the center of your lips for an illusion of a plumper pout, or to enhance your luscious "pregnancy lips" !  
  "If you look good, you feel good.  If you feel good, you look good."


  1. Emma this is such a great post! Makes me wish I was pregnant (: you are one gorgeous mama (: Can't wait to see you soon!!!

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    1. Pffttttt... ;P thanks tessa Youre so sweet !

  3. You look lovely, lucky you for getting the 'glow'! Congratulations by the way! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Haha thank you so much ! I'm actually not one of the lucky ones but I use these techniques to fake it ;)

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  5. Yep, I definitely could have used this list when I was pregnant. I'll have to save it for next time. Also, I agree, you are beautiful! I love that lip color!


    1. aw thank you so much! And the lipstick is Wet'n'Wild 965 Cherry Picking!

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  7. Great post. You look so beautiful!:)

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  8. You look amazing :)


  9. that lipstick is made for you! gorgeous <3


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  11. can i just say how much i adore your lip shade here!!! OMG!! it's perfect on you!!

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  12. I absolutely agree with you - looking good during pregnancy contributes to feeling good... Those crazy hormones already raging through the body and last thing we need is feeling yuck...
    I love the L'OREAL ILLUMINATING MOISTURE CREAM and use it myself... Great selection


    1. I know right!? A lot of women don't feel very beautiful during pregnancy, which is sad because it's such a beautiful thing!

  13. Love the result and your skin look so flawless! That's cool tips <3

  14. Great post! Wanna follow each other? Let me know! I follow you now on GFC - now it's your turn :)


  15. Great review, great photos <3

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