Emma Cristy: Fleeting

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


There are days that are disappointing.  There are times when I feel I am failing.  
And days that I just want to consume myself with selfishness.
The thing that I have learned about motherhood, is that you sacrifice something good for something greater.  You give up a lot of things you want, for a lot of things you need (but never really knew you needed).  You sacrifice the time for yourself... to teach, and play, and love these little children.  To nurture and nourish and provide for them.  These moments are fleeting, and they are so delicate... These girls teach me, humble me, and love me in such an unconditional way that it is overwhelming and inexpressible.

Motherhood is exhausting.  It really is.  It is a mixture of craziness, and impatience, and frustration.  And overlapped ten fold by overwhelming love (SO much love), proud moments, and genuine happiness and joy.
I am so grateful for my family, for these babies I have been given the opportunity to 
love and watch over.  
They really are just, everything.  

"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." 
-Gordon B. Hinckley
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone


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