Emma Cristy: Black is the New Black ft. CJ

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Black is the New Black ft. CJ


Scarf: (Here) | Beanie: A&F (Similar Here) | Jacket: Zara (Splurge / Save) | Necklace: Good Wood (Different Design) | Sweater: H&M (Here) | Pants: A&F (Splurge / Save) | Shoes: Gortex (Similar Here) | Watch: PLNDR (Similar Here)

 Super excited for today's post!  I am having my brother CJ guest post for today, talking about menswear and style!  Enjoy!

"Sometimes we come and try to over-complicate things. These pieces were all simple, clean, and really comfortable. I also like the added benefit of functionality with almost all the pieces. The Gore Tex shoes kept the water and snow out and the Zara jacket was the perfect windbreaker. The braided sweater piece brought a new look I haven’t seen in a while and it was a refreshing new addition. The outfit had a woodland tone and have colors that would compliment almost any wardrobe.
I love and notice the small details and those are the things that can really set you apart. The ribbed ending pieces of the jacket, the etchings on the necklace, and the design of the shoes, are all part of some of my favorites. This outfit is good to put on, and good on the go. A fail safe set for any night out."

- C.J.


  1. love the leather jacket with the khaki pants!! :D stylish menswear look

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