Emma Cristy: My Mother...

Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Mother...

This is about my mother, who lives 15+ hours by plane + 1 hour by bus, away.

For my mom who sacrificed an early career to be able to stay home to take care of us first.
For my mom who drew barbie dolls, sang lullabies, and always made time for us.
For my mom who always had cooked meals to come home to, who made sure we were always full. 
For my mom who cared for all our neighborhood friends, and made sure they ate too.
For my mom who always encouraged us to be good people, dream bigger, do better.
For my mom who led a Christ centered home, and was a great example of charity and service.
For my mom who always encouraged us, uplifted us, spoke highly of us.
For my mom who taught us how to work harder, laugh harder, love even harder.
For my mom who is my example of how a great mother should be.
For my mom who loves my own children as if they were her own.
For my best friend.

I grew up always, always feeling loved by my Mom.
I hope my girls can say the same thing about me one day.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, you're beautiful!
Love you so much!


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