Emma Cristy: Modern Bathroom Decor

Friday, August 19, 2016

Modern Bathroom Decor

As you all may know, my family became homeowners this year.  We have been working really hard trying to create a space that we love.  One of the things I am very picky about is the bathroom and I really had a vision of how I wanted it to look.  Personally, I believe bathrooms are important; they are a space where you prepare for the day.  You get ready, put your makeup on, look in the mirror, and feel motivated to take on the day.  I knew I wanted them to look clean, chic, and modern.  I love walking into a home and feeling instantly inspired.  When I went to visit my Dad in Japan, his apartment was so modern and contemporary that I knew I wanted something similar.  The bathrooms had see through sinks and modern fixtures and spouts.  I found the spout and sink HERE.  I just love how unique they are and how modern they look.  Another thing that caught my eye was that there was a lot of contrast (which my eye appeals to most).  From there, I knew that I wanted to have a lot of whites (and incorporate marble), as well as a few dark fixtures such as the lighting and towel rack to balance it all out.  As we were contemplating on how to decorate the bathrooms, I found so many great pieces that I wanted to add to create life and style.   I think one of the greatest things is to have a home that you feel comfortable and secure in, and that you are proud of and gain creativity and inspiration from.  I believe a great home is a place that is decorated to express your creative side and your personality, a home that evokes feelings, memories, and inspiration.   A few items that I would love to add are below, hope you enjoy and gain inspiration from them! 

SPOUT  /  2  SINK  /  3 | CABINET  /  4 | LIGHTING



  1. That sink is lovely. I like the marble, too.

    xo Azu


  2. Great Ideas :)

  3. Love this! We agree- bathrooms are where you start your day getting ready, so its important for them to make you look and feel your best! Great picks!
    xoxo, Amy and Hannah- Simply Duo Style


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