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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cybex Cloud Q Infant Car Seat

Alright everyone, it's getting close to that time!! We have about 2 months til go time and this mama is feeling the nesting kick in.  It's so crazy to think we are going to have a newborn in the home again, and it hasn't really hit me until recently.  I started a checklist of what I need to get baby...swaddling blankets, diapers, bottles, crib, bouncer, clothes...and can't forget a car seat!

Thankfully we received the Cybex Cloud Q Infant Car Seat (Here).  It is known for its award winning safety, adjustable sizing, and can't forget the ability to go into a full-recline position for baby outside of the car!  I really wanted a stylish, safe, and dependable car seat for when baby comes.  I feel so much better knowing that we have a car seat that will keep our babe safe and secure as we bring our little one home...so we at least have one thing done and checked off on the list LOL.

A few features that really caught my eye with this car seat was that it has in-car automatic height adjustments for premature or really small babies.  I always get so nervous that they're uncomfortable or that they aren't snug in their car seat.  I love this one because it is so secure and comfy.  It has an adjustable headrest and side impact protection.  And I'll say it again but....full-recline position for the babes...how cool is that?! I don't know about you guys, but my babies always fell asleep in their car seat so this seems like such a convenient feature!  And I love that it can grow with my baby as well; it works for newborns up to kiddos 35 lbs or 30" tall, which is so awesome. Not to mention, it has such a sleek design!

Everyone keeps asking if baby is a boy or a girl, so I'll just answer a few questions here...

We are going to wait to see what we are having, but we are so excited to just have another little angel join our family! At first, Naomi wanted a girl...and Aurora wanted it to be a boy...then Naomi wanted it to be a boy so there could be a boy when they play house HAHA but now they both want it to be a girl. 

Our expected due date is August 24th! I'm currently in waddling stage, and my hips are killing me I feel like an old woman and very anxious for August! 

Another question we get asked is if we have names picked out, and yes we do! We are excited to announce it! ;)

Oh! Also, if anyone has any recommendations on the best car/ what car they have that fits THREE car seats, let me know! hahhah my cute little cars aren't gonna cut it anymore :P

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

DIY Wedding Inspired Nail Art Tutorial


Trying something different today and was inspired by pearls, lace, and a bit of sparkle.  I've been on pinterest lately (Cash me on pinterest HERE; how bout dah), and all the wedding pics circling around has me swooning!  Mix that with boredom and inspiration...and ta dahhhh.  Super easy to do and extremely affordable.  Like these pearls?  I got them at the dollar tree.  Win and win.  If you would like to know what products I used and what I did, keep on reading!

1)  I prep my nails with the Sally Hansen 7-in-1 Nail treatment (Here).  This really is a great product and will basically replace your base and top coat polishes.  

2)  Put a coat of OPI "Otherwise Engaged".  This is a super pretty light pink iridescent shade that I can't seem to find anywhere lol. When this coat dries, I added two more coats.  Wait for each coat to dry before applying another layer.

3) I used tweezers and nail glue to apply the smallest pearls to my nails.  I use this one.  I LOVE this kit from Tweezerman HERE;  and I love the tweezers because they are extremely pointy and easy to use to grab onto stickers and pearls, etc.

4) I added sparkly nail polish to my pointer and pinky nail; I used Sephora's "Meet Me at the Disco"...I found one HERE.

5)  Finish nails by adding a coat of the Sally Hansen's 7-in-1 Nail Treatment HERE.

6)  Show off your nails and your diamond bling at the wedding and you're done!  

Hope you enjoyed!